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Thank you for being an awesome therapist!  Without you setting a safe place for me to discover and explore my deepest emotions, this breakthrough wouldn’t have happened.  I was scared at first and you helped me to trust the process.  You helped me to realize that the world wasn’t going to end and now I feel joy and clarity.  I feel like I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. – Female, Age 21.

It's obvious from the beginning that Dr. Yellin is here to help, and more than capable of doing so. He's warm, engaging, and genuine. Time with him always seems to go by too quickly, and I'm consistently (and happily) surprised at how deftly our conversations are brought around to consider new perspectives on old frustrations. – Male, Age 34

Dr. Yellin is the best.  My girlfriend asked me to go to see someone to help me deal with some things that she thought were hurting our relationship.  But to be clear, I wanted nothing to do with therapy and I made sure he knew that.  I’m glad he put up with me as I reluctantly began to enjoy our conversations.  I’m less angry and just feel happier.  I won’t give him all the credit, but my girlfriend is now my fiancé and things are going great. – Male, Age 28

We want to thank you, not only for treating and helping our daughter, but also for the time you took to orient us; for explaining every detail she and we needed to know, for your patience, your help during the process, for listening and caring. - Parents of Female, Age 19

To set up a phone consultation, or to schedule your first appointment, please contact me via phone or email.  I respond to inquiries within 24 hours.

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